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Helty decentralised mechanical ventilation solutions

Helty means innovative decentralised mechanical ventilation solutions with air filtration and heat recovery. Our wide range of easy-to-install products make it simple to design and integrate continuous air exchange and room-to-room purification. For healthier, more comfortable and energy-efficient buildings

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Helty decentralised mechanical ventilation solutions

Replacing indoor air with fresh air from outdoors that is continuously filtered and cleaned eliminates the problems associated with stale air, prevents the onset of mould and reduces the risk of exposure to dangerous indoor pollutants.

Natural ventilation through manual window opening is impractical, difficult to manage and energy-consuming. A mechanical ventilation system allows you to fully automate stale air removal and fresh air intake, delivering continuous indoor air purification and greater energy efficiency.

Mechanical ventilation allows for a continuous and sufficient replacement of the air volumes in enclosed spaces through stale air extraction and fresh air intake. This helps to reduce the presence of viral bioaerosols that might otherwise remain suspended in the air and spread by air.

Indoor air quality levels can be assessed and monitored by looking at parameters such as CO2 (carbon dioxide) and VOC (volatile organic compounds).

A decentralised CMV system is the ideal solution when redeveloping existing buildings or homes which require ventilation or to address localised problems such as mould or stale air. It allows a controlled mechanical ventilation system to be installed quickly and without invasive work (no installation of air distribution networks).

A decentralised dual-flow CMV allows for continuous replacement of extracted stale air with fresh air intake, meaning better results in terms of energy efficiency and purification of incoming air.