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When should you choose a decentralised CMV?

A decentralised CMV system is the ideal solution when redeveloping existing buildings or homes which require ventilation or to address localised problems such as mould or stale air. It allows a controlled mechanical ventilation system to be installed quickly and without invasive work (no installation of air distribution networks).

A decentralised CMV system allows you to service individual rooms or multiple spaces within a building to manage the extraction of stale air and the intake of fresh air (treated and filtered for impurities and pollutants) in a non-centralised manner.Unlike ducted CMV systems, decentralised CMV does not require the design and installation of air ducts or technical compartments to house the ventilation and air treatment unit. The individual decentralised ventilation units are positioned and housed on perimeter walls for the management of incoming and outgoing air flows via designated through-holes. Single-room decentralised ventilation systems are distinguished between alternating single-flow (‘push-pull’) aerators and more advanced decentralised dual-flow CMV systems.
Concealed decentralised CMVs (like the Helty Flow 40) are also a smart alternative to ducted CMV systems in new builds, since the ventilation system can be integrated into the building enclosure without affecting volumes. A system consisting of several decentralised CMV units allows for operational control and air delivery based on the actual needs of the different spaces, ensuring both tailored comfort levels and reduced energy costs.

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