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What are the benefits of refreshed, purified air at home?

Replacing indoor air with fresh air from outdoors that is continuously filtered and cleaned eliminates the problems associated with stale air, prevents the onset of mould and reduces the risk of exposure to dangerous indoor pollutants.

A continuous supply of fresh, filtered air at home or in the office minimises the amount of biological, physical and chemical pollutants that can otherwise accumulate indoors and adversely affect the well-being of those present.
Maintaining relative humidity levels within ideal thresholds prevents condensation and the development of spores and moulds. Proper ventilation also helps remove odours, allergens and dust mites. Filtering the air brought in from the outside removes pollen, dust and fine particulate matter such as PM2.5 which, if inhaled, can cause damage by penetrating the pulmonary alveoli and spreading through the cardiovascular system.A supply of fresh, clean, oxygen-rich indoor air thus reduces the short and medium-term effects of indoor pollution and “sick building syndrome”, creating better conditions even for those suffering from respiratory allergies or chronic bronchopathies.