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How do I install a wall-mounted Helty CMV?

A wall-mounted CMV can be installed quickly and without costly work. Simply drill two 80mm cores on the perimeter wall, prepare the power supply and fix the unit to the wall using screws and dowels.

With wall-mounted CMV systems, installation is plug & play. Assembly requires two small 80mm core holes in the perimeter wall, placing and sealing the pipes in the wall section, fixing the unit to the wall with pressure screws, electrical connection and the positioning of the grilles outside. Applies to both Flow Easy, Plus and Elite models.

For floor installation, or if the grilles cannot be positioned from the outside, a special 100mm ductwork kit is available (optional) with folding grilles that can be positioned directly from the house interior.

For better distribution of air and optimal acoustic comfort, we recommend installation at a central point on a wall of the room to be ventilated, as high as possible (within the minimum recommended distances) and preferably in a horizontal configuration.Access the reserved area to download the installation manuals with detailed instructions and installation templates.

Helty Flow Easy HRV


The wall-mounted HRV system is efficient, compact and functional.