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Can I also use Helty CMV to cool down?

Helty Flow CMV systems replace and filter the air; they are not air conditioners. Under certain outdoor temperature conditions, the CMV can be used to deliver cooler or warmer air and contribute to the air conditioning of an indoor room.

In addition to allowing heat recovery and therefore reducing the use of heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, Helty CMV helps reduce summer air conditioning costs thanks to the Free Cooling system.
When the outside air temperature is lower than the indoor temperature, activating (manually or automatically) the Free Cooling function interrupts heat recovery and delivers naturally cool air into the indoor spaces.This technology is particularly effective when used with a heat exchanger automatic mechanical by-pass, available as standard in the concealed Flow70 and Flow100 CMV models and in all CMV cabinet systems. In these cases, the mechanical ventilation unit can help improve temperature conditions thanks to a natural supply of air, partially relieving the load on the air conditioning system.



Camouflaged HRV floating unit. Air flow up to 150 m³/h.